Welcome to the Blog!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first official blog post for RossHoareBlog.Wordpress.com!

I created this site so that you can follow me in my awesome, yet slightly weird adventures. You may remember me from my blog RossHoareDrama, which was my college Peforming Arts portfolio I created back in the day. (almost three years ago)

I stopped doing Drama at the beginning of the start of the last year, as I felt I needed to do something else, so instead I did… wait for it… IT! (Yep, very interesting) I’m, currently in my last year of the current course and then who knows.

I’ve been thinking about University and getting back into the Media side of things. Only half a year back, I went into Radio Presenting and now host Drive Time every Monday and Friday from 3PM GMT, with a Saturday show somewhere down the line.

Anyways, here is what I’m up to;

  • Hosting Drive Time on 105.9 Academy FM Folkestone
  • In my last year of College
  • Working on my Uni Application
  • Secret Project Involving PowerPoint? (More Info Soon)
  • Managing my Gaming and Vlog YouTube Channels, with my girlfriends channel coming up.

I’ll be doing updates when I can here, so make sure you follow and why not check out my social links!

Thanks guys!



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